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The aim of our compliance advice is to prevent breaches of the law occurring within companies and to identify existing issues. We can also assist with any damage limitation that may be required. We do this by carrying out audits, workshops and training, as well as supporting clients in setting up and maintaining effective compliance structures and processes.

This frees up companies - and their management - to realise their potential without being exposed to the risks of claims, competition law risks and possible criminal law penalties.

Clients benefit from our experience in:

  • Assessing the scope of statutory supervisory duties,

  • Carrying out risk assessments,

  • Auditing compliance,

  • Structuring, implementing and maintaining compliance management systems,

  • Cooperating with competition authorities, including on leniency applications,

  • Cooperating with prosecuting authorities,

  • Bringing unjustified enrichment and damages claims following compliance breaches by the company or by third parties,

  • Cooperating closely with specialists in our network, particularly on employment, data protection and criminal aspects, and

  • Liaising with non-legal service providers, such as specialised software developers, for the purposes of audits.