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  • October 2015

    JUVE recommends WAGNER LEGAL in its 2015/2016 handbook on German Commercial Law Firms as a "highly regarded" firm in antitrust law in Germany and Eckart Wagner as leading practitioner

    JUVE substantiated its recommendations inter alia by stating that WAGNER LEGAL "achieved one of the firsts judgements in antitrust damage actions", that "a competitor noted its 'persistent and tough representation and high-quality advice'", that "the team's lawyers come from large firms and are well connected in the market" and "have been consulted in a number of international merger control cases".  

  • December 2015

    WAGNER LEGAL filed one of the largest suits against the sugar cartel for HANSA HEEMANN

    WAGNER LEGAL advises and represents the leading German supplier of mineral water and soft drinks in its claim for damages against the memebres of the sugar cartel.

  • November 2015

    WAGNER Legal filed an action against the European Commission on behalf of EDEKA Hessenring before the European Court claiming access to the files in the EU's EURIBOR antitrust proceedings against several bancs

    WAGNER LEGAL advises and represents EDEKA Hessenring regarding the enforcement of its rights of access to the orders imposing fines in the EURIBOR case against Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland and Société Général and to the tabel of content in these proceedings. Following the refusal by the European Commission to grant access, WAGNER Legal field an action against the European Commission before the European Court.  

  • 12 September 2015

    Süddeutsche Zeitung quotes Eckart Wagner in an article on antitrust related distribution law

    Germany's largest quality newspaper quotes Eckart Wagner in an article on antitrust related distrbution law concerning online retail.

  • 1 April 2015

    Divestment of Liquid Finishing Business Asstes of Graco Inc. in fulfillment of an FTC-order - German merger control procedure

    Graco Inc. acquired Illinois Tool Works, Inc. in 2012. The FTC only approved this acquisition subject to fulfillemt of an order to divest all activities of Graco Inc. in the field of liquid finishing technolgies with a turnover of more than EUR 200 million to an FTC-approved acquirer. Until this divestiture, the liquid finishing business assets had to be held separate by a trustee. Against this background, Graco Inc. divested the liquid finishing business assets on 1 April 2015 to Carlisle Companies Inc.

    Wagner Legal represented the trustee in the merger control proceedings before the German Federal Cartel Office.