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Wagner Legal advises clients in particular on:

as well as related areas of law.

We also offer mediation and coaching.

Our work is characterised by attention to detail, many years of experience, an understanding of procedure and a high degree of commitment. Due to the setup of the firm we regularly do not have any actual or strategic conflicts and are always exclusively driven by our clients' business and strategic objectives. This gives us a clear view of the opportunities and risks, even - in fact, especially - in complex cases.

See the bigger picture

Our lawyers have many years of experience - both in Germany and internationally.

Where necessary, we work on cases together with our network of specialised law firms in Germany and abroad.

How others see us

JUVE, the publisher of the leading German handbook on commercial law firms, recommends Wagner Legal since its foundation in 2013 as "highly regarded antitrust practice" and Eckart Wagner as a "leading practitioner" in antitrust law in Germany.

JUVE substantiates its recommendation inter alia as follows:

  • "long-standing client relationships", "good networking", "new and large assignments". "Frequently recommended: Eckart Wagner ('very experienced in litigation', competitor)" JUVE 2020/21).
  • Wagner Legal stands out for long-standing client relationships and litigation experience. Eckart Wagner and his team rank among the particularly active lawyers in litigated matters. The firm advises some notable clients in merger control cases and has shown that it is able to manage complex matters. "Frequently recommended: Eckart Wagner ('always up to date', competitor)" (JUVE handbook 2019/20).   
  • WAGNER LEGAL is active in "particularly complex special cases" and a "specialist for antitrust driven litigation". "Competitors praise Wagner's know-how at the interface to IP law". "Frequently recommended: Eckart Wagner ("experienced, competent, always up to date" (JUVE handbook 2018/19). 
  • WAGNER LEGAL has a "remarkable reputation". Competitors praise WAGNER LEGAL for its "persistent representation of client's interests", its "great know-how in antitrust related distribution law and competence in cartel damage claims". JUVE also refers to its "increasing competition law advice regarding joint ventures" (JUVE handbook 2017/18).
  • "WAGNER Legal is livening up the market acting for one of the largest suits against the sugar cartel". WAGNER LEGAL was "praised by the market for its sucessessful litigation in civil damage actions". Competitors praise WAGNER LEGAL as "experienced, competent and innovative" and for delivering up to the "highest standards" and as "competent and highly committed". JUVE states that Wagner Legal is, therefore, trusted with complex cases and a thought-after cooperation partner for law firms without capabilities in German antitrust law, including in merger control cases (JUVE handbook 2016/17).
  • "Competitors noted its 'persistent and tough representation and high quality advice" and clients value the firm's 'pleasant working style'". WAGNER LEGAL "obtained one of the first awarding judgement in a case of cartel damage claims". "Eckart Wagner has experience from working in major law firms and benefits from its networks in the market. Some international merger control cases were referred to WAGNER LEGAL" (JUVE handbook 2015/16).
  • Clients "value the firm's pleasant working style'" and praise Eckart Wagner as "highly capable and knowledgable" (JUVE handbook 2014/15).       

Eckart Wagner has been recommended for competition law advice inter alia by JUVE, Nomos and Legal500 for many years.